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Organic Potions holistic approach to skincare is the driving force behind the formulations. Our products are designed to enrich your skin and spirit—they are about taking a moment for yourself, during your busy day-to-day routine to nourish your mind, body, skin.

Every thought you think has an effect on your mind | body | spirit. Positive thoughts create positive energy vibrations within the body. On the back of each of our Organic Potions products, there is a positive word to inspire and uplift your spirit. This reminds you to take a moment out of your busy day, to be present and mindful in all that you do.
Organic Potions products are of the highest quality and integrity. Our special ingredient “Argan Oil” is derived from the Argan Nut and is a superfood used for healing the body both inside & out. Each of our products are infused with high performance certified organic and natural ingredients, such as: antioxidant-rich Argan Extract, Jojoba Oil, Marula Oil, Blue Tansy, Essential Fatty Acids, Floral Extracts, Essential Oils, Vitamins A, C and E and many other highly active, rejuvenating and replenishing ingredients.

Organic Potions products are all certified organic and certified natural in accordance with COSMOS strict standards, so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.
ORGANIC POTIONS CLEAN CODE: We are so much more than "clean beauty"—we’re Certified Organic. Our products are toxin-free, cruelty-free and formulated with highly-active Certified Organic ingredients that deliver powerful results, leaving your skin healthy, glowing and radiant.

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