argan oil Intense Recovery

A lightweight hair serum that seals, smooths, repairs broken ends. It nourishes and protects the hair fiber, close the cuticles and prevents the degradation of keratin against solar rays and humidity and provide instant shine. Full of our patented organic Argan oil, Vitamin E  and Beta carotene. Ideal for all hair types, especially heat damage and split ends, it takes repair to a whole new level, actually restoring the color and vibrancy of fragile hair as it reinforces damaged ends and strengthens hair while protecting it from free radicals.. read more

Best hair serum with organic argan oil in Singapore

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Natural lightening cream with argan oil  in Singapore.

Argan oil hair serum  rejuvenate hair and Seal split ends and smooth frizz,  natural hair treatment with organic argan oil, best natural hair care products in Singapore. moisture and repair the hair and scalp. buy now argan oil  for hair in Singapore by organic potions

What’s inside

A multitasking hair serum has been formulated with a 100% natural intense and treatment for all hair types, that smooths frizz and seals split ends for high-gloss, super-smooth finish. Packed with organic Argan Oil, Beta Carotene and Vitamin E. Will immediately absorbs, non-greasy, leaves no sticky residue, ensures not only deep moisture supply and silky hair but also exceptional brilliance of color reflection and protect hair from humidity and heat damage. and renews while also the energy reserves of the hair fibers and providing an ultra-smooth, high-gloss finish.

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