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argan oil benefits for dark circles  in singapore

Exceptional Quality through State-of-the-Art Small Batch Production

At the turn of the millennium, Argan oil was literally unknown outside of Morocco. Only small volumes were made locally for domestic consumption. Since then, the picture has drastically changed. Today, Argan oil has become big business: More than one million gallons are produced yearly. Vast amounts of Argan oil are mass-manufactured. Unfortunately, the quality of the Argan oil is often less important than profitability. Today, thousands of Argan oil products flood the market, most containing industrially mass-produced oil.


The World Artisan Guild Difference

orld Artisan Guild’s Argan oil is not mass-manufactured. We work closely with our partners, the Atlas women co-operative

and Organic Potions to guarantee the highest possible quality Our Argan oil is

100% pure,  

cold-pressed  from freshly opened seeds and certified USDA organic. It exceeds the strict

Moroccan government standards for “extra-virgin Argan oil”.

Ensuring Superior Quality

With the support of German Technical Development Agency SVP,  the production teams from the Atlas women cooperative and Organic Potions have developed a strict production  and  quality management plan. The quality management plan incorporates modern HACCP principles (Hazard analysis and critical control points), identifying all critical steps during the production process that require constant monitoring. Samples of our Argan oil are analyzed twice, once at the women co-operative and a second time at the Organic Potions facility. Before accepting the oil in our us warehouse, we take a third sample to ensure that the imported 

Argan oil index meets all of our strict quality expectations.