Radiant Glow Mask 

Radiant Glow Mask is a cleansing mask with Organic Argan oil that leaves the skin with a radiant appearance. The absorbing power of Argan oil, in combination with organic plant extracts and essential oils ... read more

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What’s inside

Enriched with a cocktail of pore-minimizing, hydrating ingredients, this will leave the skin clear, smooth and enviably radiant. Organic Argan Oil, Raw Honey and Kaolin clay..


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How to apply

when to use



per week 



step 1

Cleanse your skin thoroughly. Using warm water and your favorite facial cleanser, remove any makeup, dirt, and oil.

Apply a thin layer, using a brush or fingertips, evenly spreading the face mask onto your skin. Begin at your upper neck and gently work your way up your face. Avoid the delicate eye area 

step 2

Rinse the mask off with lukewarm water. Gently splash your skin with a little water and continue to rinse until the entire face mask has been removed. 

step 3

What people say

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Clinical studies

A test conducted under dermatological control over 21 days with 36 volunteers:

Instantly experienced a detox effect and purified skin 

Instantly experienced tightened pores and smoother skin

Instantly experienced visible improvement in skin texture

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