Argan oil purifying mask  in Singapore by Organic potions


Since we can't unzip that daily layer of dead skin and just throw it in the bin, it adheres to the surface and builds up every day. Week after week, month after month, we end up with dead skin cells filling our pores and layers of dead skin blocking our hairs and oils from naturally rising to the skin's surface.
By reducing the skin's surface gently but thoroughly, you can reduce the visibility of pores, lines and wrinkles.
Just remember, cleansing does not exfoliate and exfoliating does not cleanse. In order to perform both thoroughly, you should perform both separately.
argan oil purifying mask
Rhassoul Clay an extra fine natural clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, is especially rich in minerals such as Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, etc... It is known for its cleansing, nourishing, exfoliating and rejuvenating properties. 
Thanks to its Rhassoul Clay based specific formula, enriched with Organic Argan oil, and essential oil, Organic Potions® Purifying Mask has been created to give your face an effective though not aggressive Mask. It eliminates impurities, regulates sebum production and favors skin renewal. The skin will turn out smooth and remineralized. .


argan oil mask  100% Natural . Treatment for all Skin type.

argan oil purifying mask with organic argan oil in singapore by organic potions

organic argan oil face mask in Singapore- free of paraben, NO animal testing,
rhassoul clay purifying mask by organic potions in singapore

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Argan oil Purifying Mask enriched with Organic Argan oil, Rhassoul clay, Honey, Green tea oil. It eliminates impurities, regulates sebum production and favors skin renewal. boost the elasticity of the skin, nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation

Free of Paraben, harsh or harmful chemicals, synthetic  

colors and fragrances, petrochemicals, petroleum

based oils . NO animal testing, cruelty free.

Made In Morocco

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