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What is Argan oil?

Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. It comes from the Argan tree which is found only in Southwestern Morocco. It is a natural & organic oil and has excellent benefits for hair, skin & nails. Raw Argan oil has many benefits such as combating dryness & skin inflammation, acne, wrinkles, aging & even scars! Our Argan oil is imported directly from Morocco where only traditional methods of extracting the oil by hand are used

Why are the bottles amber?

Sunlight breaks down the properties of Argan Oil. The dark glass protects your oil and keeps it in the state in which it can be most effective

How long will my Argan oil bottle be good for?

Since Argan Oil is naturally high in tocopherols, it will be fresh for quite a while! Tocopherol is a natural antioxidant that keeps things in their original state - thus automatically preserving the oil without us needing to add anything to it. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says that the shelf life of Argan Oil is 24 months after bottling.

I've seen different brands of Argan Oil being sold for all kinds of prices on the internet.  Some cheap, some expensive. What's up with that?

When it comes to Argan Oil, cheaper isn't better. Neither is the most expensive in some cases! A lot of Argan Oil being sold is diluted or fake -- even if you're getting it right in Morocco. Organic Potions Argan herself (our Production Manager) doesn't trust most of the Argan Oil she sees in and around Agadir and Organic Potions determined to get the purest, best quality Argan Oil into your hands. Organic Potions seems to find anything less utterly insulting and offensive. There is one brand being sold in a chain store that is very highly priced, and obviously highly processed. It doesn't look, smell or feel like Argan Oil at all. Cheap Argan Oil most likely should not be trusted, as it takes several hours to produce one litre of the oil. No one would be able to sell the real thing for an extremely low price.

How can I spot fake Argan oil?

We would be very wary of Argan oil sold in clear or plastic bottles. Both make the oil deteriorate, and any producer of quality Argan oil wouldn't put this liquid gold in anything other than a dark cobalt or amber glass bottle. Also, Argan oil is most effective in it's least processed state. If the oil has little to no smell, that would concern us. It either means that the oil is completely fake or mixed with other oils. Or it might just mean that the oil has been deodorized -- a process which is said to rob Argan oil of it's best properties. Pure Argan oil should smell nutty. We at Organic Potions Argan™ think it smells a bit like a rubber band... and perhaps even a bit like popcorn. If the oil smells too deliciously nutty and is quite dark in colour, it most likely is Argan oil for culinary use. This edible form of the oil is easier to produce, so it is lower in price. It certainly won't hurt to use it on your skin, hair and nails - but it won't do the same magic as Argan Oil for cosmetic use does

I own a beauty salon/spa. can I start carrying Organic Potions™ products?

Have a look here for more information about wholesale opportunities

How is Organic Potions™  Argan Oil made?

Argan oil comes from the nuts of the Argan tree, which is also call the “Argania Spinosa”. These nuts are cracked by hand by the local Berber women of Southwestern Morocco. The seed is extracted and then ground into an oil or paste. There is a large percentage of vitamin E in argan oil. Other component include Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid, Oleic acid & Stearic acid. All of this help to nourish you skin, prevent signs of aging & helps repair damaged hair. Have a look here for more benefits of Argan oil

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no proven side effects when using our products. This is for external use only. If you are unsure how this or any product will react on your skin, we suggest you consult with a physician before use.

Is Organic Potions™ Argan oil hypoallergenic?

Yes, Organic Potions™ Argan oil is hypoallergenic. It is 100% natural, organic & pure argan oil, cold-pressed. We have not experienced any reactions that were negative in any of our personal experience or thorough research.

What makes Argan oil so unique?

Probably the biggest thing that makes Argan oil so unique is the fact that it can only be found in Southwestern Morocco. Despite the fact that others have tried to grow the tree that produces argan oil, no one has been successful. The raw argan oil that we use contains vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals, acts as an antioxidant, & anti inflammatory & provides UV protection. It also has Vitamin F which aids in moisturizing & anti aging. There are several other thing s found in argan oil that help with circulation, fights bacteria & slows down the cells aging process.

Who can use Argan oil?

100% Argan oil works on all skin types so anyone can use it. It DOES come from a nut so if you have nut allergies, we suggest you visit your doctor before using our product. For those with oily skin, it is better use with your evening regimen.

Why choose Organic Potions™ Argan oil?

We feel the most important reason is that our Argan oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed and imported directly from the source from one of the most respected Argan Oil plantations in Morocco. There are no parabens, chemicals, or additives in our Argan oil. Parabens are preservatives and are found in many common health and beauty products to increase their shelf life. We only want to bring you the purest of products.

How to get the promotion Buy 2 Get 1 Free?

You Add To Cart 3 products and enter promo Code: SALES2X1 at checkout, and you get 3 products with the price of 2

Can I use Argan oil on oily skin?

Yes. It will not clog your pores because it absorbs quickly into your skin due to the fatty acids. If you are excessively oily, we suggest you use mainly at night. With regular use argan oil can regulate the production of sebum (oil) in your skin and alleviate acne problems

How does Organic Potions™ Argan oil help with acne?

The fatty acids and vitamins in argan oil will help moisturize your pores which will naturally help protect the surface skin. This prevents dirt from getting trapped in your pores which causes acne.

What are the greatest benefits of Argan oil for skin?

Argan Oil benefits your skin in many ways:
Helps restore the skin’s pH levels naturally.
Neutralizes free radicals from exposure to the environment.
Intense moisturizer due to the fatty acids in the oil. Also it has antimicrobial properties.
Treats acne by reducing the oiliness in skin.
Has anti aging properties and can reduce wrinkles.
Reduces scarring & stretch marks as well as helps to heal blemishes.
Assists in the cure of skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne and eczema by calming skin irritation and inflammation.
Tightens the skin by increasing its elasticity

What elements found in Argan oil remedy dermatological disorders such as Eczema and Psoriasis?

Organic Argan oil has a significant effect on the health and appearance of skin tissue afflicted by disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. The combination of Organic Potions™ Argan oil unique component successfully alleviates the inflammatory symptoms associated with these disorders by effectively treating the redness, inflammation, and moisture loss associated with dry skin. Many of Argan oils’ properties are multifaceted, eliciting hydrating, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.
More specifically, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, squalene, and sterols are all important factors in moisture restoration and retention. The presence of carotenoids, polyphenols, ferulic acid, squalene, and vitamin E are anti-oxidants that the neutralize free radical activity caused by inflammation. Essential fatty acids are necessary for the production of prostaglandin, a lipid compound manufactured by enzymes within the cell that is a natural anti-inflammatory. Additionally, because eczema is often caused by an allergic reaction, Argan’s polyphenols are a key component because it is both an anti-allergic and an anti-inflammatory agent.

What components of Argan oil help protect skin from damaging UV radiation?

Argan Oil's essential fatty acids and antioxidant power of carotenoids, polyphenols, squalene, ferulic acid, and vitamin E protect skin cells from the sun’s harmful rays. Essential fatty acids protect the cellular membrane and DNA from UV-induced damage. Carotenoids and squalene can deactivate the free radical known as singlet oxygen. This free radical, when exposed to the sun’s radiation, becomes excited and therefore extremely destructive. Ferulic acid is unique because exposure to UV light actually increases its antioxidant potency. Additionally, it is now well established that vitamin E reduces tissue damage caused by UV light and increases the rate of healing.
The same antioxidant properties that protect the skin from UV exposure also protect Argan oil itself from oxidizing in its glass bottle. These active properties allow Argan oil to maintain its integrity for up to 2 years.

Why Organic Argan oil is nature’s anti-aging skin food?

Due to Argan Oil's unique composition of ultra-hydrating essential fatty acids (omega’s), antioxidants and nourishing vitamin E and powerhouse antioxidants, Argan oil has gained an international reputation for being nature’s anti-aging skin care oil. The properties of Argan oil work individually and cooperatively to enhance the skin’s overall health, preserve its youth, and aid in the natural healing of dermatological disease.

What antioxidants are present in Organic Potions™ Argan oil?

Carotenoids, polyphenols, ferulic acid, squalene, and vitamin E are all powerful antioxidants present in Organic Argan Oil . The best way to protect a cell from free radical damage is for an effective antioxidant to be present both inside and outside of the cell (explanation below). Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidants that can break the deadly chain reactions initiated by free radicals. Argan Oil's anti-aging effects are directly attributed to nature’s unique combination of these particular antioxidants.

How does organic Argan oil absorb so thoroughly?

Organic Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin because of its unique composition. Squalene can penetrate deeper and more readily than most other oils because of its compatibility with the skin’s own natural oils. In fact human sebum, your skin’s own natural oils, is comprised of 25% squalene. Sterols found in Argan Oils™ penetrate rapidly because their structure is very similar to human sterols and are the main component of the outermost layer of the skin. Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of the cell membrane; therefore, the omega’s found in Argan Oil can be metabolized and directly assimilated into the skin.

What is the correct amount needed for treating dry skin?

We suggest starting with just a few drops. It really requires just a little bit to go a long way. If you feel you need more, you can reapply as needed.

What is inflammation and what properties of Argan oil sooth inflamed skin?

Any injury, infection, or allergic reaction to the skin will elicit an inflammatory response. Interestingly, all inflammatory responses will involve free radical activity. The presence of Argan Oil's carotenoids, polyphenols, ferulic acid, squalene, and vitamin E will neutraize free radical activity. The versatile properties of Argan Oils’ sterols, vitamin E, and polyphenols are multifaceted. These elements elicit an antioxidant as well as a soothing and healing effect, and polyphenols are also anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic agents. Vitamin E protects essential fatty acids from breaking down. Essential fatty acids help manage inflammatory disorders and are necessary for the production of prostaglandin, a lipid compound manufactured by enzymes within the cell that is a natural anti-inflammatory.

What elements present in Organic Argan Oil protect against moisture evaporation and keep the skin hydrated?

Healthy barrier function is vital to maintaining proper levels of hydration. Water loss from the skin through evaporation is increased when the skin’s barrier is disturbed by injury, environmental pollutants, UV radiation, and stress. Studies conducted in recent years have revealed that although water plays an important role in keeping skin moist and supple, the ability of the top layers of the skin to resist moisture loss depends on the presence of essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are water binding and enhance the barrier of the skin to reduce transdermal water loss. They also help regulate sebum production. Sebum is the skin’s own natural oil

What are the greatest benefits of Organic Argan oil for Hair?

Because of the benefits of using argan oil on your hair, hair stylists are known to call it “liquid gold”.
Here are some of the many benefits for Argan oil used on your hair: Reduces tangling and hydrates naturally.
Tames dry, flyaway hair. Nourishes the hair shaft which improves elasticity and strengthens it. Repairs damage caused by over styling & using heat on hair. It gives hair its healthy shine back. The Omega 3 & 9 in argan oil help to repair split ends. It is not greasy & gives hair a luster & shine due to its moisturizing properties. Gives life back to hair damaged from the environmental elements

Will Organic Potions™ Argan oil make my hair oily and greasy?

No, actually the opposite is true in that Organic Potions™ Argan oil will help reduce the oiliness in you hair.

Should I use Organic Potions™ Argan oil before or after drying my hair?

Either way is beneficial, but it is more beneficial to use it before you dry your hair. Argan oil tends to work the water out of your hair, making it dry up to 40% faster than normal. Less time means less heat and less damage to your hair.

Will it weigh my hair down so it looks dull and lifeless?

Organic Potions™ Argan oil does not leave any build up in your hair so it will not weigh it down. Due to the vitamin E and fatty acids it will give your hair a healthy shine instead of a dull, lifeless look. It may also be used several times a day if needed and will not produce a build up.

Can Argan oil repair my damaged hair?

Absolutely! The vitamins and fatty acids help condition you scalp. You may even use it overnight.

Can I straighten my hair with the Organic Potions™ Argan oil in it?

Of Course! Nova Argan™ oil helps protect hair from the heat of styling products and it is great to apply prior to using any of the said products.

Can I use Argan Oil with hair colouring?

Yes, and actually it will help lock in the color in your hair & help it last longer. Simply add approximately a teaspoon of Argan oil to your hair color. This helps to nourish your hair from damage coloring causes as well as protect your hair.

Can I Use Organic Potions™ Argan oil after Keratin Straightening?

Yes. Our products are free of Sodium Chloride (salt) therefore making them a good choice to use after keratin straightening.

Can I use Argan oil as a stay in conditioner?

Yes, Argan oil has many moisturizing ingredients and functions perfectly as a stay in conditioner.


How long do your products last once I open them?

We recommend using each of our products within 6-9 months of opening for optimal freshness and potency.
Since our products are 100% all-natural and we do not use any unnatural preservatives whatsoever, our products do have a shelf life, typically 9-12 months unless otherwise noted. If our products are kept out of direct sunlight, untouched by water and at room temperature or below, they will stay fresher longer. We also use Vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract in some of our products to extend the natural shelf life and keep products from oxidizing so they remain potent. In the rare case that you purchase one of our products and find that it is not fresh, please feel free to Contact Us so we can handle this on a case-by-case basis.

Are your products/ ingredients organic ?

We are an ingredient focused company that relies on plants to deliver results. Therefor it is vital that our ingredients are grown using organic farming practices to ensure the highest quality end product. Each ingredient we use that starts as a seed is certified organic. We take great care in sourcing ingredients of the highest quality, which means some of our ingredients also fall under terms such as wild-harvested and biodynamic. There are certain cosmetic ingredients that cannot be certified organic, such as cosmetic clays vitamin C and vitamin E. Our Vitamin E is derived from plant oil and non-GMO. We also never use more than 1% Vitamin E oil concentration in our formulas.

How long unitil I see results?

Many of our customers experience results within a week. However, your skin cells renew themselves every 28-40 days – the amount of time it generally takes for your skin to demonstrate visible results when starting a new product.

How should I store my products?

Organic Portions™ products should be stored in a cool, dark place, and away from humidity. We help facilitate storage by packaging our products in amber glass bottles (the gold standard for natural skin care packaging) as an added measure to preserve and protect the precious ingredients inside each bottle

Will oils make me break out?

There is a preconceived notion that using oils on the skin, namely the face, is a bad thing – that oils can be greasy and pore clogging. This is a direct result of a long-standing marketing ploy that goes by the name of “oil-free”. This is a flat out lie and could not be further from the truth. Your skin thrives when you apply oil to it, especially acne-prone skin. Botanical oils (non-petroleum based natural oils like those used at Organic Potions™) saturate and nourish skin cells, replenish lost moisture, and create a protective barrier that locks in hydration and shelters skin from external factors. In fact, “oil-free” products are usually filled with petroleum-based ingredients, alcohols and preservatives that are not only drying and damaging to the skin, but can also clog pores. Aside from skin benefits, essential oils can have amazing effects on your emotional state, with powerful aromatic properties that travel the nervous system, relaxing the body while relieving stress and anxiety.

Do your products work for acne?

Absolutely. Our routine is designed to support your skin’s essential needs and functions. We have products specifically formulated for skin that is prone to blemishes and congestion. Acne is very complex and requires both an inside and outside effort. We recommend taking a holistic approach to successfully manage acne and support long term skin health. See our skin concern page for product recommendations.

Are your products anti-aging?

The short answer is yes. However, we don’t use this term. We believe that aging is a privilege. All our products are designed with the mindset of prevention and correction, what we like to call youth preservation – whether your “youth” is in your 20’s, 40’s or 60’s

Which skin types are your products best suited for?

Our collection was designed to nourish and support your skin through all its stages in life. Whether your skin falls under sensitive, blemish-prone, combination, dry, or you’re lucky enough to have great skin, we have something for you.

Why are your products more expensive than some other natural products?

We embrace transparency when it comes to this topic. Each product is priced to reflect the exceptional quality of ingredients used, the research, expertise, small batch in-house manufacturing, fair-trade practices we support through our conscious ingredient procurement, as well as fair wages for our small team. We practice the old school philosophy of “quality over quantity” in an age where fast fashion not only applies to clothing but also skincare.

Can you explain why "hight-quality" ingredients matter in natural skin care?

We see the term “high-quality” used with abandon in the skin care industry. After all, it’s an unregulated term and anyone can make this claim to justify high price points or take advantage of its ambiguity as a means of differentiating themselves from other brands. Many skin care lines use this term because they’ve invested in beautiful packaging, a pretty website and photography, but terms like “high-quality” or” luxury” do not always apply to the formula inside the bottle. The effectiveness of natural skin care depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients being used. Quality is determined by: how an ingredient is grown, organic vs conventional farming practices (i.e. GMOs, pesticides, etc.), where the ingredient is grown (i.e. China vs France), how it is processed, cold-pressed or refined, and how fresh the ingredient is (i.e. when the raw material was processed vs incorporated into a formula). These are vital factors that determine whether or not your skin receives the beneficial nutrients of each ingredient. Very much like the food we eat, natural ingredients like botanical oils and plant extracts are chock full of nutrients and antioxidants. Which means that truly natural skin care is only as effective as the quality of the ingredients being used. When choosing to use natural skin care, it’s empowering to have a basic understanding of how it works. Because natural formulas rely on the nutrients and antioxidants inherent in each ingredient to deliver results, the quality of that ingredient will determine the effect, or lack thereof, it has on your skin.

Do your products work well with synthetic treatments like Retinol and Vitamin C serums?

Yes. All of our formulas are gentle by nature (pun intended) and compliment more intensive treatments like retinol, Vitamin C and exfoliating acids. Our oil-based facial serums are exceptionally compatible with intensive treatments and should be used as one of the last steps in your routine. However, we do not recommend using our exfoliant or masks on days where you are using other intensive treatments as over-stimulation can cause sensitivity or negative reactions in the skin.

Why does my products look or smell different from last time ?

It’s completely normal for there to be slight variances in scent, color and texture from batch to batch. No two harvests are the same, which means that the raw materials used to produce our beautiful botanical oils, extracts, essential oils, and hydrosols will have variances. We encourage you to embrace and welcome the beautiful nuances of mother nature.

Do you test your products on animals?

We are 100% cruelty free at Organic Potions™ and NEVER test our products on animals. We also avoid using suppliers that support or condone animal testing. We test all of our products on humans, namely ourselves and willing friends and family.

What is a free radical?

Free radicals are unstable molecules formed when cells burn oxygen. These molecules have an unpaired electron in their outer shell. These unpaired electrons cause the molecule to be volatile. Their reactions with cells cause cellular membrane, cellular protein, and DNA damage. This leads to premature aging, wrinkling, and disease. Free radical damage is associated with oxidation damage because it is the oxygen molecule that is unstable.

What is an antioxidant? How does an antioxidant fight a free radical?

Antioxidants are molecules that can take many forms including proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and metabolites. These molecules are able to combine with free radicals and stabilize them, thus rendering them harmless. The earlier this can happen, the better for the cell, since many oxidative reactions start devastating chain reactions that result in considerable damage to each part of the cell’s anatomy.

Do you use artificial fragrance?

No. We do not believe there is a place or need for artificial fragrance in skin care. Not only do artificial fragrances have no direct benefit to the skin, they can cause harm and hide toxic ingredients. Many of our natural ingredients have an inherent scent to them, as nature intended.

Do you have fragrance free or essential oil free products?

Yes. Please keep in mind that most of our serums contain a very light scent that quickly dissipates – this is due to the low percentage of skin beneficial, non-photosensitizing essential oils (EOs) we strategically incorporate into our facial serums. However, we do not believe that essential oils are necessary in every step of your skin care regimen, as pleasing as it may be to the nose, they can have a negative effect on your skin when used in excess. We believe that using too many products with essential oils at high concentrations is one of the leading causes of negative reactions and sensitivity to EOs – in addition to the fact that concentrations are above 1% (the max recommended for facial care) and using essential oils that are not suitable in facial care products intended for daily use. Nature is powerful and essential oils need to be used conservatively for their skin benefits instead of their olfactory benefits in skin care formulas. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most skin care products that contain essential oils. EOs are not viewed as the active ingredients they truly are, instead they are carelessly added at high concentrations as a natural fragrance. We encourage you to shop with your mind and not your nose. Stay away from formulas with overpowering scents (your nose will tell you right away) – as these are most likely formulated improperly with essential oils at percentages way above what we consider safe for the delicate facial skin.

Are your facial products gentle enough to use around eyes?

Yes, all our facial products are gentle enough to use around the eyes, but please avoid direct eye contact – If you do happen to get product in your eyes, flush eyes with water immediately. We also offer under eye products that are specifically formulated for nurturing and restoring under eye beauty.

Can men use Organic Potions™ products?

Absolutely. All of our products are design for skin types, and not whether you are male or female. In fact, we have many male customers benefiting from our products.

How are your products differente from other natural products?

We pride ourselves on our relentless dedication to formulating organic skincare products of the highest quality, with ingredients sourced from prestigious artisan distilleries in Morocco, Europe and beyond. When it comes to natural, quality equates to results. We don’t care for developing products that focus on scents, colors and fleeting trends. We create each product with time-honored, science backed botanicals that have a proven track record of providing powerful skin benefits. Our formulas are inspired by the ancient skin care knowledge and practices of herbalism, aromatherapy, and modern day cosmetic science.

What is the difference between "100% Organic", "Organic", " Made with Organic..." products?

Organic Portions™ products are labeled Organic. What does this mean? Under USDA/NOP regulation, cosmetic and body care products may fall under 4 organic labeling categories: “100% Organic” – products must contain (excluding water and salt) only organically produced ingredients. “Organic” – products must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt). Remaining product ingredients must consist of non-organically produced agricultural products that are not commercially available in organic form. “Made with Organic Ingredients” – Products contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients and product label can list up to three of the organic ingredients on the main display label. “No Organic Labeling” – Products with less than 70 percent organic ingredients cannot use the term “organic” anywhere on the main display label. Source: www.ams.usda.gov/nop


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal for online purchases. The total amount of your order is allocated at the time your card is approved. If your credit card is declined for any reason, your order will be automatically canceled.

What steps do you take to ensure credit card safety?

Organic Potions employs sophisticated encryption to protect the security of your credit card information. Every page that requires personal and credit card information uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, designed to render information unreadable should anyone try to intercept it. This special digital certificate encrypts credit card numbers and confirms that we are a secure & authorized site.

My credit card was declined, but I still see a charge on my account from Organic Potions. Did my order go through?

If your credit card was declined you may still see a temporary hold on your account from Organic Potions. The charge will go away shortly, depending on your bank's policies. Your order will need to be placed again with another form of payment, or by correcting any possible errors in billing address and zip code, or funds availability.

What if I receive the wrong item, something was missing from my order, or a product arrived broken or damaged?

Please contact us right away and our customer care team will take care of you. You can contact us via live chat, by email contact@argannova.com. If your package was damaged during shipment (visible damage to the box), take pictures immediately.

What if I need to cancel an order?

You can cancel your order for a refund to your card or store credit, if you do so before your order ships. We do have very fast shipping, so if you get to us too late you will have to go through our returns process.

Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed?

It is incredibly difficult for us to make edits to your order once it has been placed, and in many instances, it is not possible at all. The best policy is to double-check all orders before checking out. We are happy to combine multiple orders whenever possible, simply reach out to us on live chat or at contact@argannova.com.

When will my order ship?

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Do you accept International orders?

*Yes. We are pleased to provide an enhanced international shopping experience for customers in select countries and territories, with more countries to come! International shoppers now get the benefit of seeing product prices in their local currency, guaranteed order totals, cost-effective international shipping, and much more. You can find a list of available countries by changing the currency of the country selected in the top navigation of the site. ​Shipping costs are based on the order weight, location and desired a method of shipping and will be calculated during checkout and displayed before you enter your payment information. To ensure a fast delivery, Organic Potions utilizes four separate fulfillment centers based in Singapore, Malaysia, Spain and Italy. All International deliveries must be signed for. For the following locations, we charge a flat rate AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND BRUNEI JAPAN HONG KONG SOUTH KOREA Via DHL / TNT Express - $10 USD ​Free Express Shipping – on orders of $90 USD or more. Please note your order total must reach $90 USD or more after any discounts have been applied.We endeavour to dispatch your order on the same or next business day. For most destinations, you will receive your order within 2-5 business days days from dispatch. Some remote destinations may take a little longer. Local customs regulations and process may effect the final delivery timing. ​ USA CANADA UNITED KINGDOM AUSTRIA IRELAND NORWAY DENMARK SWEDEN SWITZERLAND GERMANY NETHERLANDS​ Via DHL/TNT Express - $19​ USD Free Express Shipping – orders of $120 USD or more. Please note your order total must reach $120 USD or more after any discounts have been applied.We endeavour to dispatch your order on the same or next business day. For most destinations, you will receive your order within 3-5 business days from dispatch. Some remote destinations may take a little longer. EXCHANGE RATE All International Orders will be charged in Singaporean Dollars (SGD) as per your order confirmation. The final transaction charge to your account may vary slightly due to moment-by-moment exchange rate fluctuations.

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